Live music in Sonora California and the surrounding areas, for fans of Rock / Metal / Punk and and all their sub genres...Death to False Country!

Wet Meadow April 1


Heavy in the Hills Playlist (Hour 888)(889)

2023 3 7 Heavy in the Hills (Hour 888)
 Fvzz Populi - Monnoratzo 
Witchthroat Serpent - The House That Dripped Blood 
Littu - Per il fuoco di Gennaio 
Baltavar - Angel’s Shadow 
Fugit - Shrivel 
Cromlech - Born With Sword in Hand (Doomed to Martyrdom) 
Barren Heir - Some of Its Parts 
Eyes - Congratulations! 
Bong Coffin - Messiah 
Digital Negative - March Onward 
Grave Next Door - Charnel House 

 (Hour 889) 
Kardinal Sin - Lost Imperium (Wasteland Symphony Pt. 2) 
Mycelium Shroud - Ego Death 
Stahv - Snake Key 
Terveet Kadet - Saatanan hylkaama 
The Old Ones - Caravan to Midnight 
Witch Ripper - Icarus Equation 
Woewarden - Alexithymia 
Bastard Sword - Santeria de Sangre 
Phal:Angst - Least Said 
Tension Rising - Death 
Ceremonial Decay - One Thousand Years Standing
 Low Fen - Formless